Anastasia Gramatchikova

Creative Leadership Coach, Innovation Trainer & Facilitator

With a good tour of Germany and Russia, here goes Anastasia: “Hi there! My name is Anastasia, and I am a coach, trainer, and facilitator in the field of human-centered innovation and change. 

My purpose is to inspire innovation explorers and purpose seekers to think differently. 

My mission is to guide individuals and teams to tap into their full potential by leveraging strategic creativity and agile experimentation to drive genuine change. As a Creative Leadership Coach, my ultimate goal is to empower companies to cultivate a people-centered, purpose-driven, and future-focused innovation culture. 

So, how do I do that? I draw on my extensive ‘treasure box’ of tools, methods, and formats to create transformative learning experiences through strategic sessions, trainings, design sprints, extensive learning programs, or long-term innovation projects.

Want to know more about how I sprinkle magic in the world of innovation? Drop me a line!”

It seems that no further introduction is needed, right? That’s Anastasia!

From: Germany

Company: Anastasia Gramatchikova

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