Chara Oikonomidou

Brand Awareness Specialist

We have a history with Chara. She already knew members of the team, she is from the neighborhood and was always waiting for a visit or some activity until she was encouraged with an app to have the experience of working from the inside and we immediately convinced her: little by little we were charming her to take the next step, both her and Troy (the furry one in the photo). Today they have decided to become part of the community and not only that, but she is the first Greek in the community!

On the work front, Chara works for Paperlike “a German company that makes iPad accessories, as Partnerships & Brand Awareness manager.” Paperlike was born to offer artists who use the iPad as a tool, a better and accurate feel of the device’s screen. Wow, watch out, this will interest a lot of people here.

“Apart from that, I love coffee, wine and connecting people!”, you know where the conversation can start if you meet her at Loft Viladomat. Let’s go!

From: Greece

Company: Paperlike

Here you will find more information about Chara’s professional profile: