Charlotte Jaeger

Customer Success Manager / Personal Coach

We are adding Germans to the team! In a short time you will see me trying to learn German if necessary 🙂

Charlotte has recently joined the community, but she lives in Barcelona since last summer. And yes, she speaks Spanish better than we do German.

“I am from Germany, am living in Barcelona since summer 2022 and have been working in Pharma Services for about 10 years. Currently, I work for a pharma start-up where I guide my clients on their journey to become more data-driven based on our AI technology.

Inner development is very important to me and I think it should be in line with a person’s outer development – that’s why I’m currently attending a training course to become a personal coach. People interest me a lot and deep talk is always welcome! In my free time I like to do sports, read & be in nature.”

From: Germany

Company: PeakData

Meet Charlotte’s professional profile: