Kelly Thompson

Founder, Human Centered Change Management

Enthusiastic, quirky, fun, yet contemplative and direct, Kelly is proud to say she recently started a human centered change management company known as 9th House Advising.  She uses her passion and energy to work with small businesses, INGOs, and individuals to make effective, intentional, and sustainable change in their companies.  She is originally from the USA, and before 2020, she used to regularly travel for work, giving her the opportunity to visit over 50 different countries.  Although now, she is glad that work has slowed down and does not need to travel as much as she did before.  She explains that her dream weekends are spend with her son on the beach enjoying the ocean together.  Kelly is also an author of her own novel, she enjoys immersing herself in meditation, and participating in any activity that has to do with the sea. 

It is wonderful to meet you Kelly!

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