Mara Paulina Raffaele


English Teacher, NLP and Therapeutic Hypnosis Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Therapist and Trainer.

If what you are looking for is “a guide”, it seems you have come across the right person. Mara defines herself as “a proactive woman, eager to exchange experiences, learning and knowledge through teaching English classes for adults, professionals and companies”.

She says that the profession opened doors for her to explore new horizons in Business and with entrepreneurs with whom, having studied Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming, has allowed her to offer tools for managing emotions. “The perfect combination of knowing how to speak a language, communication, active listening and managing our emotions intelligently. All this leads us to know how to cope with life with high vibrations and positively. And if we add to that, that as a Sex Coach you can learn how to balance sexual energy, success is imminent.”

Companies: Mara Raffaele – Sex Coach / Never Stop – English Academy with Emotional Management

From: Argentina


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Mara Raffaele