Milena Calzoni

Hospitality industry relations/ Multilingual team leader/ Sales & Marketing professional / luxury travel / digital marketing enthusiast – Glion alumna

Meet Milena, a dynamic globetrotter whose life is a vibrant tapestry of global adventures and multilingual conversations. Having lived in nine different countries and mastered five languages, Milena is now eagerly embracing the challenge of her sixth language. Her love for diving into new places and cultures is insatiable.

From a young age, Milena knew that the world of hospitality and tourism was her calling. This passion led her to an illustrious career, working with international hotel chains, an online travel agency, and a media brand in New York. Today, she brings her wealth of experience to a destination-oriented event company, where she promotes the best luxury travel experiences in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

At home, Milena’s life is a bustling blend of family and work. As a dedicated mom of two, she’s always on the move, juggling her time between home, Loft 153, and various meetings. Her days are a lively mix of nurturing her family, excelling in her career, and exploring the world around her.

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Milena Calzoni