Ruth Glez

Trainer, Talent Coach & Potential Digital Entrepreneur

Ruth, a devoted and empathetic person, truly values the importance of communication with people and encourages deep conversations, sharing life stories, and getting to know people for who they are.  Her ideal relaxation activity is reading a book in a quiet place with a cup of tea.  The connection of the body and focusing on inner beauty, strength, connection and creativity is very respectable and sacred to her.  Ruth also mentions that she practices activities like pole dancing, Iyengar yoga, and dancing, all of which helps her connect to her body and inner self more.  Ruth also enjoys various outdoor activities, such as beach tennis, paddle tennis, and hiking.

On a professional aspect, Ruth is a trainer in Relational Intelligence and a Talent Coach for companies.  She is currently activating her personal digital brand business that is focused on multipotential nature.  On top of her professional work, she expressed many training work and personal interests she has been interested and involved in, which include Business Sciences and HR, Theater, Audiovisual Communication, Astrology, NLP, and mostly areas related to self-knowledge and Emotional Intelligence.  She is proud to say that she will be starting school to complete her Psychology degree, which she aims to have done in September.  Great work Ruth, and we are happy to get to know your story!

You can connect with Ruth through her profile:

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