Entrepreneur Breakfast!!

¡Save the date!

Experience has shown us that when it comes to food, at Loft, we take it VERY seriously! And the “Entrepreneur Breakfast” are a real example of that.

Our entrepreneurial breakfasts are a moment of encounter, discovery and new alliances for the community. At each breakfast, in addition to enjoying food and coffee, we also invite a new project/startup to the house to make its official presentation to the Loft community.

If you want to find out what will be the next benefit the community will enjoy, you can’t miss it!

This time we are accompanied by the AbonoKm0 team. Their objective is to recover and revalue 100% of the organic waste generated in the city to turn it into compost.

“Turn a problem into an environmental solution. Waste into a valuable product for your company. Environmental sustainability, into a concrete and measurable action.”

Join us to discover with the AbonoKm0 team, how to do our bit to reduce waste!


Mar 14 2023


10:00 - 11:00


Loft 153 - Coworking Space
Consell de Cent 153


Loft 153
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