Fetén Wines

Fetén Wines: Catas Sin Complejos

“Wine tasting without complexes”

Our terrace in Consell de Cent is back in the spotlight. And how not to do it if the summer is coming.

In addition, after a long renovation, we re-inaugurated the terrace with an event that more than one would like to participate. It is Fetén Wines. Directly from the Massís del Garraf, Fetén distributes and organizes experiences with rigorously selected wines that meet high standards in terms of harvest and elaboration. Rafael Coronado, one of its founders and experienced trainer, will be the guide in this private edition of such coveted tasting.

Rafa tells us, “Whether you understand wine or not, the point is to enjoy it… and if we can find out why we like one wine better than another, more better! An introduction to the wines of the Massís del Garraf, where traditional winemakers have cultivated native varieties for several generations and show us this incredible corner of the Mediterranean through them.”

Now that we have Rafa’s contact, keep an eye on the next activities 😉


May 24 2023


19:00 - 21:00


Loft 153 - Coworking Space
Consell de Cent 153
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