Deja Huella

Presentation of the book “Deja Huella”

Konstantina Gavala and Vanessa Garduño will take control!

A very special date has arrived for the city of Barcelona and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off books and roses.

In this early edition of Sant Jordi, the protagonists and Co-Founders of Branding for writers, Konstantina and Vanessa, are the ones who take over Loft to officially launch their new book “Deja Huella”.

Presented by Teresa Baró, Deja Huella seeks to show the transformative power of a book and how it can be used as an essential strategic tool to position a professional as a reference in the sector.

Join us to discover this beautiful and inspiring project! You never know what will be the next page of your life 😉



Apr 21 2023


18:30 - 20:30


Loft 153 - Coworking Space
Consell de Cent 153
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