Talk “Entre Trámites” + AfterWork

Since the beginning of the year, we have formed an alliance that will make your life easier, an ally in everything that means bureaucracy and paperwork, Entre Trámites is here!

Well, the idea is that once a month the team, Entre Trámites, accompanies us together with the community to talk to us about different and interesting topics, and that we can apply what we have learned in our work or personal lives.

In this opportunity, Entre Trámites comes to talk with us about: BECKHAM LAW

Who are “Entre Trámites”?

Entre Trámites is an agency focused on all the bureaucratic issues you can imagine. From tax advice, income tax declaration, procedures with foreigners or company incorporation. Whether you are a company, self-employed or individual, here in Barcelona you have a reliable hand to guide you.

What benefits do we have with them?

For all our community we have achieved a great deal, and is that in Loft can not miss the person / company that needs a hand with any of these procedures. Coworker, take a look at the “Benefits” section and enjoy all the advantages with our new partner.

We are waiting for you!
The talk is aimed exclusively at coworkers. Previous registration is required to participate.


May 29 2024


17:30 - 19:00


Loft 153 - Coworking Space
Consell de Cent 153
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