Team Building Activity!

Only for coworkers, I’m sorry!

Once a month, the team gives the community an experience to break the ice with new people, enjoy things we like to do outside the work routine and, above all, to get to know each other from a different point of view.

We have already gone through artistic, gastronomic, playful sides…. Every month something different. June has been the month of “Professional Tinder”, and no, we are not talking about relationship tips. It consisted of a professional meeting where each coworker presented their work and personal profile, with the main objective of creating and encouraging connections between those who make up our space.

The activity is exclusively reserved for coworkers. To attend the breakfasts, you have to be part of the community. If you are not yet part of Loft, up, this ship does not stop!

We are waiting for you Lofter!


Jul 20 2023


19:15 - 21:00


Loft 153 - Coworking Space
Consell de Cent 153
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