Irene Bertini

Sales and commercial profile with a “yogi” spirit and soul.

Irene is the third leg of the official Loft team, “Made in Italy” but not very typical. She is celiac and does not drink coffee, you have to send her back and bring her again. Joke! But that’s not the only thing that makes her special but her sweetness and kindness with people and her nice energy.

She defines herself as “A person whose life is imbued with a passion for creativity and experiences in all its forms. From her love for writing, which led her to create her own website, to her love for organizing events and enjoying cultural activities such as theater and cinema”.

Her heart beats to the rhythm of yoga and travel, enjoying both practicing and teaching as a yoga teacher. She has her own project: Meraki Yoga, where she fuses her love for wellness and a holistic-spiritual lifestyle, with her desire to share it with others by teaching and generating yoga encounters, offering personalized and always gluten-free plans.

Talking about the more “corporate” side and how she got here, she says that “my professional journey is marked by a diverse range of experiences: from working in start-ups to foraying into technology companies, where I have played key roles in sales, marketing and community management”.

Always open to change and personal and professional growth, Irene is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop and expand her horizons.

Check availability and share a yoga class with Irene 😉

You can learn more about it here:

irene bertini