Maritza Cuevas Sánchez

B.A. in Communication and Digital Media / Entrepreneur

Mexico present! Sure Mexicans have passed through Loft before, but Maritza is, formally, the first official Mexican in the community. Don’t be surprised if we find ourselves eating tacos or celebrating the Day of the Dead during an International Lunch!

Friendly and fun, she tells us that her main interests go hand in hand with photography, zumba ( be careful, maybe there are classes coming!), and everything related to entrepreneurship. This is how she describes herself, “I am a cheerful and optimistic Mexican who emigrated to Barcelona for love; I never thought I would end up living on the other side of the world. I consider myself a very creative person and I love good conversations with friends”.

“When people talk to me about entrepreneurship or marketing, my head explodes because I’ve always dreamed of having my own project.” So much so, that she has decided to jump on the train and create, Marion DeLonge (, her personal project. ” I sell in this e-commerce are Huaraches (which are typical Mexican sandals) and handbags made in Italy. You will always see me designing creatives in Canva, editing videos for Tiktok or uploading content to Instagram to make the DeLongers (my clients) fall in love.”

Here you have Maritza, one more Lofter eager to keep on eating the world.