Loïc Bogaert

Learning Designer & Trainer

Loïc was sharing with us for a couple of months during 2022, but he was still not sure how long he would stay in the city. After a few months he has returned from France and now his time has come! He has decided to move completely to Bcn. We have a French signing for a while.

He is Loïc, “You probably followed plenty of boring trainings where a trainer simply passes hundreds of uninteresting slides? Well, my job as a Learning Designer is to prevent this from happening by working with Subject Matter Experts and helping them to design engaging and impactful trainings: face-to-face, digital such as e-learning or blended (a mix of face-to-face and digital).

Aside of this, I am also a Trainer in digital literacy working for the Google Ateliers Numériques program (also known as Google Digital Garage internationally)”

From: France


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