Ana Castrillo

Simply Flowers Founder and Entrepreneur

One of our first Coworkers is back home! Decorator specialized in floral art, Ana has filled our house with flowers! Her brand of 100% handmade and personalized preserved flowers has its own Atelier in our Viladomat space, from here she makes her orders and workshops. And in the process, she sets the atmosphere in our Loft! As if that weren’t enough, she fills the container she sees with sprigs to decorate. To give you an idea of the weight of her incorporation to the community, Ana was in charge of carrying out the first workshop in the history of Loft, what came after is history. A real gem!

Always cheerful and detail-oriented, she is not only an entrepreneur but also a workshop leader, keep an eye on her website to see her upcoming workshops!

From: Barcelona

Web: Simply Flowers


Ana Castrillo