Verónica Lucena

Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Master’s Degree in Legal Psychology.

Head of the Vèringer team in our Loft Consell de Cent space. Veronica was the first to approach the space looking for a new environment for her and her team. With an Argentinian accent, Italian nationality and a lifetime living in Spain, Vero has a lot to tell us. And if you’re careless you can spend a whole morning talking to her.

This is how Vero presents her team, “We are the HR team, in Barcelona, of an international engineering company in the sectors: Oil&Gas, Energy, Nuclear and Circular Economy. We are dedicated to the administration and management of people and culture”. Now, besides being a workaholic, she is also a mommy and a super wife!

From: Italy/Argentina

Company: Vèringer Engineer

Find out more about Vèringer on his LinkedIn profile.

Verónica Lucena