Patricio Gómez Pawelek

Entrepreneur / Angel Investor

Adding a new member to the Argentine community. With previous experience in Mexico, Pato arrived in Barcelona with Roco (the little boy in the photo) a couple of years ago to settle in the Catalan city for a few seasons.

We can say that Patricio is one of those people who have done everything in life. “I currently manage, one of the leading Recruitment Platforms in LATAM. I am also COO at Aconcagua Games, a company that develops games like Fullbo Galaxy ( and I actively participate as an investor in different start ups.”

We cannot fail to mention his artistic side, since Pato is also known as an actor, singer and a great salsa dancer. The latter being his great passion. So much so that it has led him to compete professionally and currently be a teacher.

From: Argentina

Company: CEO & Founder at

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Patricio Gómez