Jennifer Cressman

SAE Barcelona Intern at Loft 153

Jennifer, the new face of Loft with Jaida Irwin, is a dedicated photographer and creative professional who launched her personal photography business a few years ago. She has a deep passion for capturing the essence of people, the beauty of landscapes, and the wonder of wildlife through her lens. Being from Florida, she has a strong connection to the ocean, and she enjoys beach activities such as kayaking, swimming, boating, and indulging in seafood. In her leisure time, she loves reading good books, going for early morning runs, and she is proud to be scuba dive certified.

Jennifer is currently an Advertising & Content Intern and a student at the University of South Florida, where she is studying Advertising and Public Relations. The university is not far from her home, as she was born and raised in Florida. Her academic journey and internship experiences have provided her with a solid foundation in advertising and content creation, preparing her for a successful career in the field.

Jennifer has been fortunate to travel outside the USA multiple times, thanks to her European mother. These travel experiences have enriched her cultural perspective and broadened her horizons. Despite her extensive travel background, this is Jennifer’s first time in Barcelona, and she is excited to explore the city while interning with Loft. This unique opportunity allows her to blend professional growth with her love for cultural exploration.

Upon returning to the USA, Jennifer plans to focus on expanding her photography business. Her long-term goal is to create inspiring and impactful content that can be showcased on television. With a forward-thinking attitude, Jennifer is always ready to dedicate extra time and effort to ensure her projects are completed effectively and creatively. Jennifer’s combination of creative talent, passion for photography, and dedication to advertising positions her as a promising professional in her field. Her adventurous spirit and commitment to excellence ensure she is always ready to take on new challenges and create meaningful and impactful content.
Happy to have you girls, welcome to Loft, Jennifer!